Painted Windows Street Art Chinatown

painted windows chinatown boston
painted window street art chinatown boston
painted windows graffiti chinatown boston
Above a parking lot in the middle of Chinatown between Harrison Avenue and Tyler Street.

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Old and New Wall Mural

This wall mural is on the side of a brick building at the corner of Harvard Avenue and Glenville in Allston. Depicts “old to new” street scene with vintage cars and trolleys in black and white at left and modern cars and buses in color at right.

street scene wall mural allston

Rear corner view has a 3-D effect; the car just pops right out of the bricks:
3d effect corner of allston wall mural
See more of this artist’s work at: Gregg Bernstein at Creative Ground and Gregg Bernstein Murals on Flickr.

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