Mural by Vyal One

Along Albany Street on-ramp and walkway. This and other murals were installed for the grand opening of “Underground At Ink Block”, where a parcel of barren land beneath and between elevated HWY I-93 and several on-ramps was transformed into a public park with elaborate landscaping and a number of large murals. The colored stripes on the sidewalk are threaded through all of the walkways in the park.

Snapshot of entire length of mural:
vyalone mural boston greenway

Closeup detail shot of a portion of the mural:
detail view, artist vyal one mural in boston

As you can see from photos above, the mural is much too large and long to be captured straight-on in a single photo frame. So here is a video panorama of the entire length of the mural:

See more of artist Vyal One’s work on his website at

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A Street Artist At Work | MerkThose in Modica Way

Boston-based MerkThose is a regular contributor to the wall at Modica Way, Cambridge’s “Graffiti Alley”. Here are some start-to-finish progress shots from a piece he did in November of 2016.

merk those street art
Rough outline of hippie chick
artist merk those in cambridge
Give her an eye….
street art cambridge ma
Getting started on the flower headband
street artist merk those painting in graffiti alley
It’s all starting to come together now
merkthose street art
Putting on the finishing touches
big-eyed girl mural by merkthose
She’s done!
street artist angelonce
LA-based artist Angelonce steps in to add Charlie The Elephant
graffiti alley cambridge, merk those and angelonce
A street art masterpiece is born.

See more of these artist’s work at and

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Dinosaur Mural at Northeastern University Campus

By Boston-based artist Cedric “Vise1” Douglas. Titled “A World Of Innocent Discovery”, this mural depicts a scene where a young boy with a spraycan uses street art to express his imagination.

artist vise1 mural boston

dinosaur mural on northeastern university campus

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Peter Mui Tattoo Art Panels

Video panorama of tattoo art panels displayed on a building at Northeastern University, originally displayed at Gallery 360.

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The Protector Mural by David Zayas

Puerto Rico based artist David Zayas was hard at work completing his mural for the Beyond Walls Mural Festival in Lynn. Here are some shots of the work in progress:

david zayas mural work in progress
Work in progress
rooster in david zayas mural, lynn ma
Roosters are a common theme in Mr. Zayas’ work.
artist david zayas painting his mural in lynn
Mr. Zayas hard at work…. lots of painting still left to be done.
rough draft floral lace in mural
Rough draft outline of what will be floral lace pattern on the back of the lady’s blouse.
The Protector mural by David Zayas
With the larger elements in place, the mural is ready for finishing touches. Almost finished!

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