Fonki Mural at Beyond Walls Lynn

Mural artist Fonki, from Montreal, came to paint this mural as part of the Beyond Walls Mural Festival, an initiative to beautify downtown Lynn. The title of the work (according to The Lynn Item) is “I Sculpted My Heart Out Of Diamond, Because Love Ain’t Enough”. Here are some photos of the partially-completed mural still in progress:

fonki mural lynn ma
Artist Fonki getting ready to complete work on his mural
fonki mural closeup of face
Closeup of face, with reference drawing taped to wall

fonki mural closeup of hand
Closeup of hand on mural, with reference drawing

*side note: most professional mural artists are well-trained in anatomical drawing.

fonki mural beyond walls festival lynn ma
Full view from back of lot
artist fonki painting a new mural
Fonki gets started on another section of the mural

See more of this artist’s work at FONKI FACEBOOK PAGE.

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