MIT Stata Center aka The Ugly Building

This building, designed by “Pritzker Prize-winning architect Frank Gehry”, is fortunately located on Vassar Street in Cambridge, adjacent to Kendall Square. We say “fortunate” because Kendall Square is already a lifeless, soul-less pile of concrete, brick, and asphalt even without this atrocious monstrosity towering over it. If they had tried to pull this stunt in one of Cambridge’s residential neighborhoods, there would have been a riot. At least the memorial sculpture in front of the building is visually appealing.
the ugly building, mit stata center
mit stata center building side view
front view stata center ugly building
stata center right-hand side rounded columns
close up view, stata center building windows
This large sculpture on the plaza in front of the building, designed in collaboration between MIT professors Meejin Yoon and John Oschendorf, and several MIT students is a memorial to Sean Collier, the MIT campus police officer who was killed by the Boston Marathon bombers.
sean collier memorial scuplture, stata center vassar street cambridge

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