Nieli’Ka Mural at Purple Cactus | Jamaica Plain Murals

This mural, title Nieli’Ka (Ojo de Dios, or Eye of God) is on the side wall of the Purple Cactus burrito and wrap bar on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain. It features colorful kaleidoscopic images of butterflies, flowers, frogs, fish, and ducks.
butterfly, face, nieli ka mural at purple cactus
fish on nieli ka mural, jamaica plain
frog on nieli ka mural
nieli ka mural, purple cactus in jamaica plain
ducks on purple cactus mural, jamaica plain boston
Artist Credits – Heidi Schork, Tom Wiklund, and Mayor’s Mural Crew 2013.
artist credits heidi schork, tom wiklund, jamaica plain murals
Street view of The Purple Cactus:
purple cactus burrito and wrap bar, centre street jamaica plain

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