Modica Way Walking Tour | Graffiti Alley Episode 6 | Artists Hazard, AUKS, Sobek

Our sixth installment of walking tours of Modica Way, Cambridge’s “Graffiti Alley”. Art by HazardOne, Sobek, AUKS, and others unknown. Filmed on May 22, 2019. This alley changes day-by-day; *Subscribe* to the SEEN AROUND BOSTON YOUTUBE CHANNEL for frequent updates.

Video shot with Removu K1 4K UHD Video Camera with Integrated 3-Axis Self Stabilizer:

See more of this Hazard’s work on her website at and on Instagram @hazardOne

See more of Sobek’s work on Instagram @supersobeksix

See more of artist AUKS’ work at his website and on Instagram @auks_one

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Phoenix Landing Rooftop Mural Gets A Facelift

Local artists AUKS and Sobek and visiting artist HazardOne (from Bristol, UK) came to Phoenix Landing (Central Square, Cambridge) to touch up and augment the rooftop mural on a sunny spring day.

artist supersobeksix at phoenix landing mural, cambridge
Sobek. See more of this artist’s work on Instagram @supersobeksix
artist hazard phoenix landing rooftop, cambridge, ma
Hazard. See more of this artist’s work on her website at and on Instagram @hazardOne
boston street artist AUKS
AUKS. See more of this artist’s work at his website and on Instagram @auks_one

Filmmaker Olivia Huang was also present on this day, as she is currently working on a street art documentary film tentatively titled “The Modica Way”. Seen here with artist HazardOne. Visit her Modica Way documentary website at Above The Free Walls and her Facebook page Graffiti Alley Photography and Film.

olivia huang and hazardone
Filmmaker Olivia Huang and Artist HazardOne
phonex landing mural, central square cambridge, ma
Street view of Phoenix Landing rooftop mural, Mass Ave, Central Square, Cambridge

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Time For Crime Graffiti

It’s time for crime, y’all. At McGrath Highway, Somerville.

time for crime graffiti somerville ma

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Literary District Alley | Boston’s Hidden Alley of Art

“Literary District Alley” is located between Winter Street and Temple Place in Downtown Boston, halfway between Park Street and Downtown Crossing subway stations. The individual portions of the mural illustrate literary figures who have lived in or worked in Boston. I call it “hidden alley of art” because you wouldn’t know it was there if you didn’t know it was there; I have walked down Winter Street thousands of times without ever seeing it, and it would be pretty easy to miss while walking down Temple Place as well (the video starts at Temple Place).

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NOT ART on a pole | Boston Street Art

On the Somerville Community Bike Path, the not artist strikes again….

not art on a pole, boston street art

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