Boston Tea Party Ship Museum

Located in the Fort Point Channel, adjacent to the Congress Street Bridge, the Boston Tea Party Ship Museum features two period-accurate replicas of East India Company ships, interactive exhibits, reenactments where bundles of tea are thrown off of the ship, and a gift shop where visitors can buy corny trinkets. Here is a view of one of the ships from the north side of the channel; as you can see there is a lot of construction going on in Boston’s seaport district:
boston tea party ship museum
Bogus bundles of tea that have been thrown into the water, attached to a lanyard for easy retrieval:
tea bundles, boston tea party museum

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Let’s Not Go Back To Cambodia by Raisa Nosova

On a pole in Modica Way (Cambridge’s “Graffiti Alley”). “Blue Face” sticker, by Raisa Nosova.
blue face lets not go back to cambodia sticker, by raisa nosova
More about the meaning of this work at Let’s Not Go Back To Cambodia.
See much more of her fabulous art work at her website:

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