Slap Tag Sticker Bombs in Modica Way, April 2016

Hooded lady painting on a sticker. The obscured caption said something about Cambodia:
hooded lady sticker modica way cambridge

Boombox dude die-cut sticker:
boombox dude slap tag sticker

A well-appointed lady in yellow. The vandalism has been vandalized; she has been given devil horns and a trident:
yellow lady sticker bomb modica way cambridge

Don’t Touch… slap tag sticker by Princess Poison:
dont touch sticker princess poison

circles strips lady head profile sticker

Baked Panda slap tagger sticker. We’re seeing this one everywhere in Boston:

Sun Lives Long sticker bomb. Max Coleman’s SLL theme is a recurring one here, which is also featured in some of the large wall murals in and around Modica Way. SUN Lives Long promotes respect and awareness of all flora, fauna, and wild places of the earth. Explore, plant, conserve, & protect. Website: Max Coleman Design FB: Sun Lives Long on Facebook

Worldwide Psychos sticker:

Silly Robot hand-drawn on a Priority Mail label:

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Cat and Parrot at Ritual Arts Allston

This metaphysical supply store is the go-to place for new age books, crystals and mineral specimens, ethnic jewelry and handicrafts, incense, candles, essential oils and the like. When you’re walking down Harvard Avenue on a warm summer day, you will smell the incense wafting out from their doorway.

A cat named Lovebomb and an African gray parrot named Logos live here, coexisting in peaceful harmony.

View of storefront from street:
ritual arts store, allston massachusetts

Lovebomb the kitty kat:
lovebomb the cat, ritual arts allston

Logos the parrot:
logos the parrot, ritual arts store allston

A look inside – carved statues, jewelry and other merchandise:
inside ritual arts store, allston

Mineral specimens, sea shells, wood and semiprecious stone bracelets on display:
mieral crystals and jewelry at ritual arts store allston

Ritual Arts stocks a wide range of incense products, including hand-dipped sticks by Wildberry (choose your own from a selection of about 50 different fragrances), Satya Sughananda (makers of the Nag Champa in the iconic blue box) Indian masala temple incense, resin and charcoal, as well as scented candles and essential oils:
incense and oils on display at ritual arts allston

Located at 153 Harvard Avenue, between Comm Ave and Brighton Avenue in Allston.

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