Paint Party in Modica Way Saturday 11/12/2016

A bunch of artists showed up all at once on a beautiful day to collaborate on a full-wall mural collaboration in Cambridge’s graffiti alley. There were 8 different artists working all at once, including Merk Those (chibi-eye girl and toucan), Angelonce of LA (angry pink elephants), Ian Staber (calligraphy), and others who did not freely divulge their names.
artists painting mural in modica way, graffiti alley cambridge
Video panorama of the finished product, minus just a few minor finishing touches (everything shown here is fresh paint except the purple-haired lady by Merk Those at the very beginning of the clip):

More photos of the individual panels painted in this project in the Street Art section.

More street art from Modica Way and the Boston area in the Seen Around Boston Facebook group at Join our group to post your own Boston photos or to enjoy the photos in your FB feed.

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