Purple Painted Fence at 37 Brookline Street, Cambridge

The owner of this property, Peter Valentine, an artist and teacher of “Electromagnetic Martial Arts”, calls it “Cosmic Moose and Grizzly Bears Ville”. The story behind this, in a nutshell, is that when Mr. Valentine and other local residents were forced out of their homes to make way for MIT’s University Park development several decades ago, the house was relocated to this plot on Brookline Street. He painted the fence purple and has been adding to it ever since.
moose and grizzly bears ville cambridge ma

View of the purple painted fence along the Franklin Street side:
purple painted fence brookline street cambridge

A cutaway in the fence offers a view of the front steps and side of the house:
fence cutaway peter valentine house in cambridge

Front gate and steps:
front gate and steps of 37 brookline street, cambridge ma
front steps and doorway of 37 brookline street, cambridge

View of messages on the side of the house:
side view of messages on brookline street house, cambridge street art

Planetary Defense Command Intergalactic Space Port sign next to front door.
planetary defense command sign, 37 brookline street cambridge

Cosmic Moose
cosmic moose on purple painted fense, cambridge street art

Cosmic Cat
cosmic cat on painted fence, brookline street cambridge


You are having an intergalactic conversation with the fence:
intergalactic converstaion with fence, brookline street cambridge

Do not open this door:
do not open this door on painted fence cambridge

“Because it isn’t real…” sign with a tiny little elf door:
because it isn't real sign on purple painted fence, cambridge street art
tiny little elf door on the painted fence, brookline street, cambridge ma

Cat’s cut loose:
cats cut loose, street art cambridge mass

A few more painted panels:
painted panels on purple fence, cambridge ma

The side gate is shorter than the fence and offers a view into the back yard:
side gate and back yard view, 37 brookline street, cambridge masachusetts

This large cutaway in the fence offers a view into the front yard:
cutaway in purple painted fence, cambridge massachusetts street art

Electromagnetic martial arts; a better way through the woods:
electomagnetic martial arts peter valentine cambridge massachusetts

Meta Land mail box:
meta land mail box 37 brookline street cambridge
purple painted fence corner of brookline street and franklin street, cambridge

Messages on Franklin Street side of the house:
messages painted on side of house, 37 brookline street, cambridge, ma

View of the property from the opposite corner on Brookline Street:
mural painted house and fence, 37 brookline street cambridge

View of front gate closed:

Do not disturb! Dig the alarm bells:

Video tour exploring every detail from one end of the fence to the other:

More about Mr. Valentine and his ideas: The Boo Radley of Central Square at 100 Interviews

Interesting minutes from a Cambridge Historical Commission meeting in regards to the disposition of the 37 Brookline Street fence and property: Minutes of the Cambridge Historical Commission November 1, 2012 (PDF file; see Case L-110)

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