Slap Tag Sticker Bombs in Seaport District | April 2016

Spray stencil chef
chef stencil slap tag sticker

Bottle(?) belt man (is it baby bottles?)
bottle man slap tag sticker

Sticker-bombed pole
sticker bomb pole seaport boston

“East Coast Destruction”
east coast destruction bullet sticker

Even though it’s a simple line drawing, this weird creature tag took some work not only to make, but to peel and apply
weird creature cutout slap tag

Ari Shaffir Do Mushrooms slap tag sticker
ari shaffir do mushrooms slap tag sticker

Clown Shoes
clown shoes sticker

Is it a poop? Is it a skull? I don’t know what it is, but it can fly
poop skull with wings slap tag sticker

Shake the hand that shook the world
shake the hand that shook the world

Groove Kush turtle
groove kush turtle sticker

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