Calligrapher Ian Staber “Unity” Mural in Modica Way

On a beautiful Saturday morning in November 2016, a group of artists gather in Cambridge’s Graffiti Alley to put up a large unity-themed mural. This was the centerpiece for the mural that covered almost the entire length of the alley.

A black backdrop was thrown up over existing tags before the artists got to work on the day’s project:
ian staber calligraphy

Work in progress:
ian staber calligraphy in modica way, boston street art

Finished mural piece… “UNITY”:
unity mural by ian staber, graffiti alley cambridge

Mr. Staber is one of the regulars in Modica Way and can often be seen calligrafficatin’ here on his lunch break.
See more of his work on his Instagram page @stay_brr
Video panorama of the entire mural that stretched along the entire length of the alley here: Street Art Paint Party 11/12/2016 in Modica Way, Graffiti Alley Cambridge MA.

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Reverend Larry Love

Lawrence Hinkson, aka Reverend Larry Love, was a fixture in Cambridge’s Harvard and Central Squares from the mid-80’s until his passing in 2001. He would often be seen dressed as an odd combination of drum majorette/crossing guard in roller skates, twirling a baton and blowing a whistle while “directing” traffic on Mass Ave as a self-appointed “volunteer policeman”. He published a little xeroxed newsletter called “Mellow Chimes” which usually consisted of a pasted-up collage of inspirational quotes, local event announcements, pictures of himself, and pictures of Richard Pryor (you could not converse with him on any subject for any more than a few minutes without his mentioning Richard Pryor somewhere along the line). He was always a fun guy to talk to, and Cambridge will never be the same without him floating around. Here he is pictured in two murals near Central Square; the first image is from the large photo collage in Modica Way (Cambridge’s “Graffiti Alley”), and the second image is part of the large mural on the Brookline Street side of the Middle East Restaurant:
larry love, central square cambridge collage
reverend larry love, middle east mural cambridge

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