Woman In Sun Hat Mural

woman in sun hat mural, libbys liquors cambridge
Near the rear door of Libbys Liquors on Mass Ave in Cambridge.

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Slap Tag Sticker Bombs in Modica Way, April 2016

Hooded lady painting on a sticker. The obscured caption said something about Cambodia:
hooded lady sticker modica way cambridge

Boombox dude die-cut sticker:
boombox dude slap tag sticker

A well-appointed lady in yellow. The vandalism has been vandalized; she has been given devil horns and a trident:
yellow lady sticker bomb modica way cambridge

Don’t Touch… slap tag sticker by Princess Poison:
dont touch sticker princess poison

circles strips lady head profile sticker

Baked Panda slap tagger sticker. We’re seeing this one everywhere in Boston:

Sun Lives Long sticker bomb. Max Coleman’s SLL theme is a recurring one here, which is also featured in some of the large wall murals in and around Modica Way. SUN Lives Long promotes respect and awareness of all flora, fauna, and wild places of the earth. Explore, plant, conserve, & protect. Website: Max Coleman Design FB: Sun Lives Long on Facebook

Worldwide Psychos sticker:

Silly Robot hand-drawn on a Priority Mail label:

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Central Square’s Belonging Mural in Progress

Artist Shilo Shiv Suleman and students from NuVu Studio teamed up to paint this mural on the side of Desi Dhaba restaurant, on the corner of Columbia Street and Mass Ave (near Central Square) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Here we have video and still photos of the crew putting the finishing touches on the mural, titled “Belonging”.


Shilo compares notes on her iPhone with the work in progress:
shilo shiv suleman belonging mural central square cambridge

Shilo and a crew member discuss the anatomical details of the human hand in the painting:

Prince had passed away at the same time that this project got underway. Here one of the artists prepares to add the Prince symbol to the mural as a tribute to him:
artist preparing to add prince symbol to wall mural, cambridge ma

Artists at work:

More video of the crew putting on some finishing touches:

We came back a few days later to photograph the complete mural, plus a few close-up detail shots. View those here: Fearless Collective Belonging Mural by Shilo Shiv Suleman and NuVu Studio

See more of Shilo’s work at shiloshivsuleman.com

More about NuVu Studio: NuVu Studio Cambridge Website

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