Mushrooms in Modica Way

These mushrooms appeared in Modica Way; it looks like they’re up to no good.
mushrooms street art graffiti alley cambridge ma
Photographed October 2017. Artist unknown.

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Cubist Art Portrait in Graffiti Alley, Cambridge

Photographed on September 9, 2017 (the art in Modica Way, Cambridge’s “Graffiti Alley”, changes almost daily). Artist unknown.
cubist portrait in modica way, boston street art

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Trump Is A Dream Poster in Graffiti Alley

Modica Way in Cambridge is host to all types of street art: murals, graffiti, stenciled messages promoting social justice and other political causes, and the sort. Once in a while, though, there’s something totally off the wall on the wall, such as this cuckoo crank flyer by “Johnny War – Master Artist” proclaiming that “Trump Is A Dream” and other cryptic messages. These is no sense in trying to make sense of this nonsense.
kooky trump is a dream poster in graffiti alley, cambridge

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A Street Artist At Work | MerkThose in Modica Way

Boston-based MerkThose is a regular contributor to the wall at Modica Way, Cambridge’s “Graffiti Alley”. Here are some start-to-finish progress shots from a piece he did in November of 2016.

merk those street art
Rough outline of hippie chick
artist merk those in cambridge
Give her an eye….
street art cambridge ma
Getting started on the flower headband
street artist merk those painting in graffiti alley
It’s all starting to come together now
merkthose street art
Putting on the finishing touches
big-eyed girl mural by merkthose
She’s done!
street artist angelonce
LA-based artist Angelonce steps in to add Charlie The Elephant
graffiti alley cambridge, merk those and angelonce
A street art masterpiece is born.

See more of these artist’s work at and

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