Fabulous People of the 2016 Boston Pride Parade

We’ve been planning on adding a “Fabulous People” section to this website for quite some time, and what better time to do it than on the day of the Pride Parade? Some of the people in these photos were participants, and some were spectators.
trike at boston pride parade
The man with the glitter beard. I tried and tried, but my camera absolutely refused to focus for this shot.
glitter beard man at boston pride parade 2016
Teddy bear biker:
bear biker at 2016 boston pride parade
Can-Am biker:
can am biker at boston pride parade
The condom lady:
condom lady at boston pride parade
Wonder Woman:
wonder woman at 2016 boston pride parade
fabulous lady at pride parade
spectator lady at boston pride parade

Drag queen in a colorful dress:
drag queen in a colorful dress, boston pride parade
Handing out fuzzy necklaces:
handing out necklaces, boston pride parade
Girl on stilts:
boston gay pride parade, girl on stilts
These beautiful ladies found a good spot with an unobstructed view of the parade along the walkway beside the Boston Common Garage:
girls watching pride parade, boston, 2016
This lucky couple watched from a spot along the Public Garden fence:
lucky couple at boston pride parade
Pink wig lady:
pink wig woman at 2016 boston gay pride parade
Rainbow wig man:
rainbow wig man at boston gay pride parade
Rainbow skirt girl:
rainbow skirt girl at boston pride parade
Popsicle pants FTW!
popsicle pants girls, boston gay pride parade 2016
After the parade, these lovely ladies were gracious enough to pose and smile for a pic on their way home:
dyed hair girls, kitty whiskers, 2016 boston pride parade

Over the course of the next few days, we’ll also be adding videos – and more photos – of the many groups and floats that were in the parade.

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