Above The Free Walls Street Art Documentary Screening | November 12 at Cambridge Public Library

Over much of the past year, filmmaker Olivia Huang has been working on a documentary film about street artists in Cambridge’s Modica Way (Graffiti Alley), gathering footage of art while it happens, as well as interviews with local artists who are active in the area, and international artists who are passing through.

On November 12, 2019, there will be a screening of this film at Cambridge Public Library. Admission is free, but you need to register with Eventbrite HERE.

More details in the promo flyer below, and see the trailer promo video below for a glimpse at what is in store.

Above The Free Walls documentary film

Artists featured in this trailer video, in order of appearance: Sobek (@supersobeksix on Instagram), Harriet Wood aka Hazard (HazardOne.co.uk, @hazardOne on Instagram), and Prop (Art By Prop on Facebook).

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Modica Way “Paint Party” | 12+ Artists All At Once | + Graffiti Alley Episode 8 Video

It’s not unusual for several artists to be working at the same time here in Modica Way – Cambridge’s “Graffiti Alley” – which is a legal wall where artists can paint at will. But rarely are there so many artists here all at once that the entire alley gets transformed from one end to the other all in one day. So how did this happen? Story below….

artists in graffiti alley cambridge, ma
Artists at work in Graffiti Alley. This is just a moment captured…. more artists came and went throughout the day.

Filmmaker Olivia Huang has been working on a documentary film about street art. In a conversation about the history of the alley, when a similar incident to this that happened in the past was mentioned, she became particularly enamored of the idea of a “paint party” where a bunch of artists would all converge upon the alley at once, to completely cover it with fresh art from end to end all in one day. But what would it take to make this happen? Perhaps it could be arranged sometime over the course of the summer? Who knows? What would it take to get a dozen or more artists on board to be there all at once?

She got in touch with artist Merkaveli (the artist formerly known as Merk Those), who knows everybody, to run the idea by him. And just like that, less than 24 hours later, as if by magic, a large enough crew of artists were recruited and a firm date was set…. done deal.

film maker weiying olivia huang in modica way
Film Maker Olivia Huang. Visit her Modica Way documentary website at Above The Free Walls and her Facebook page Graffiti Alley Photography and Film.
merkaveli in graffiti alley cambridge
Artist Merkaveli puts on some finishing touches
finish mural by merkaveli in modica way
Finished mural by Merkaveli. See more of this artist’s work at his website MerkThose.com and on Instagram @merkaveli_. Merk Merch at Merkaveli at BigCartel
Artist Brand Rockwell (Brandalizm) making sure everything is all lined up before filling in.
boston mural artist brandalizm
Brandalizm work in progress
artist brandalizm mural in graffiti alley, cambridge
Completed mural. See more of this artist’s work on Instagram @brandalizm. Calligraphy headband embellishment by Ian Staber @esotericalligraffiti
calligraphy artist Ian Staber
Calligrapher Ian Staber
ian staber, calligraffiti, modica way, cambridge
Ian Staber calligraffiti work in progress
esotericalligraffiti by ian staber
Finished Piece. See more of this artist’s work on Intagram @esotericalligraffiti
lady dog in graffiti alley cambridge
Lady The Dog. She was supposed to be supervising, but we caught her sleeping on the job a few times.
artist kameko branchaud aka atelier fuuna in graffiti alley, cambridge, ma
Artist Kameko Branchaud (Atelier Fu’una) work in progress on her skull and flowers piece.
kameko branchaud skull mural in graffiti alley cambridge
Finished skull and flowers piece. See more of this artist’s work on her website at Atelier Fu’una and on Instagram @atelier_fuuna
filmmake olivia huang in modica way, graffiti alley
Olivia Huang capturing footage for her upcoming street art documentary film. At left, Ian Staber. Crouching at center, Juan G. Santos (Juantopia)
artist juan g santos, juantopia, modica way cambridge
Artist Juan G. Santos (Juantopia) work in progress
birds in graffiti alley by mural artist juantopia
Finished piece birds by Juantopia. See more of this artist’s work on his website Juantopia.com and on Instagram @_juantopia_
Artist Daequan J aka DJ Sketch in Graffiti Alley
Artist Daequan J aka DJ Sketch getting up in his piece of the wall
DJ Sketch art in graffiti alley, cambridge
DJ Sketch finished pieces. See more of this artist’s work on Instagram @dj_sketch07
boston artist gregory maxim in graffiti alley, cambridge
Artist Gregory Maxim (MRNVR) Gay AF piece, still in rough draft mode
boston artist mrnvr painting in modica way, cambridge
MrNvr Work in progress…. it’s all starting to come together.
gay af mural by mrnvr, modica way cambridge
Gay AF Mural complete. See more of this artist’s work on Instagram @mrnvr
ian staber calligraphy graffiti alley
Ian Staber adding calligraffiti embellishment to the lady’s headband on Brandalizm’s piece.
artist raodee rekloos painting in graffiti alley
Raodee Rekloos work in progress on his signature “Dirty Bird” character.
dirty bird mural by raodee rekloos
Completed Dirty Bird mural. See more of this artist’s work on Instagram @raodee_rekloos
artist edmund amore painting in graffiti alley, cambridge
Artist Edmund Amore work in progress on a banger.
edmund amore graffiti mural complete, modica way, cambridge
Amore graffiti mural complete. See more of this artist’s work on Instagram @edmundamore.
paint party crew in modica way, graffiti alley cambridge
Who’s left when the dust settles at the end of the day? From left to right, film maker Olivia Huang, Artists Kameko Branchaud (@Atelier_Fuuna), Raodee Rekloos (@raodee_rekloos), Brandalizm (@brandalizm), Edmund Amore (@edmundamore), Juan G. Santos (@juantopia), Merkaveli (@merkaveli_), Auks (@auks_one). Photo by Olivia Huang.

Video of work in progress throughout the day, and complete walk-through of the alley when finished:

Subscribe to the Seen Around Boston Youtube Channel for frequently updated passes through this frequently changing graffiti alley (and some other interesting stuff from around Boston as well).

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Marka27 “Rebirth” Mural in Union Square, Somerville | Boston Street Art

Located at 2 Union Square in Somerville, MA. This mural by Victor Quinonez (Marka27), titled “Rebirth”, is inspired by a Mayan mask that represents birth and death. Here are some work-in-progress photos going from mock-up drawing to completed wall mural.

marka27 mural mockup drawing
Original mock-up drawing for Rebirth Mural
marka27 mural outline, union square somerville
Outlines drawn and starting to fill in the color.
artist marka27 painting rebirth mural, somerville ma
Artist Victor Quinonez (Marka27) on a lift finishing up the Rebirth mural.
marka 27 mural, union square somerville
Completed mural

See more of this artist’s work at Marka27.com and on Instagram @marka_27

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