Literary District Alley | Boston’s Hidden Alley of Art

“Literary District Alley” is located between Winter Street and Temple Place in Downtown Boston, halfway between Park Street and Downtown Crossing subway stations. The individual portions of the mural illustrate literary figures who have lived in or worked in Boston. I call it “hidden alley of art” because you wouldn’t know it was there if you didn’t know it was there; I have walked down Winter Street thousands of times without ever seeing it, and it would be pretty easy to miss while walking down Temple Place as well (the video starts at Temple Place).

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Caleb Neelon Mural at Rock And Roll Daycare, Cambridge

Painted August, 2018 at the new Rock And Roll Daycare facility on Prospect Street in Cambridge.

caleb neelon mural at rock and roll day care, cambridge ma

Artist’s website:

More of Mr. Neelon’s works from the Boston area are also posted here on SeenAroundBoston; just type his name in the searchbox and voila.

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A Well-Kept Victorian in Somerville

Beautiful victorian home just outside of Union Square.
victorian home somerville massachusetts

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