Spring Has Sprung in Modica Way | Boston Street Artists

On the first Saturday of warm spring weather, the artists are out in droves at Modica Way, Cambridge’s Graffiti Alley. One crew left immediately after whitewashing part of the wall…. were they coming back later to do a new piece? Or do they just not like Marisa Kang? They covered her piece that she had painted the day before, which in and of itself is not unusual here as pieces often get painted over even on the same day that they went up, but to just cover it and run? Weird.



Purple hand anatomical drawing in progress:
street art purple hand anatomical drawing

Nipsey Hussle tribute mural by Merk Those:
nipsey hussle tribute mural street art
See more of this artist’s work at MerkThose.com

Sun w/third eye mural by Marisa Kang (the aforementioned piece that was covered shortly before the video above was shot)
sun mural street artist marisa kang
See more of this artist’s work at her website MarisaKang.com

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