Marka27 “Rebirth” Mural in Union Square, Somerville | Boston Street Art

Located at 2 Union Square in Somerville, MA. This mural by Victor Quinonez (Marka27), titled “Rebirth”, is inspired by a Mayan mask that represents birth and death. Here are some work-in-progress photos going from mock-up drawing to completed wall mural.

marka27 mural mockup drawing
Original mock-up drawing for Rebirth Mural
marka27 mural outline, union square somerville
Outlines drawn and starting to fill in the color.
artist marka27 painting rebirth mural, somerville ma
Artist Victor Quinonez (Marka27) on a lift finishing up the Rebirth mural.
marka 27 mural, union square somerville
Completed mural

See more of this artist’s work at and on Instagram @marka_27

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